Can you believe the brand starts from a super picky boy for socks during secondary school? From a young age, our founder, Wayne always complained about the socks being too thin, the socks slipping easily, the socks…… 

He got a spark in 2018 during his college presentation that needs to wear formal with leather shoes. But, he complains, “Why don’t we have specific socks for the leather shoes so that we can be more comfortable?”

He started researching socks from the customer’s perspective in 2019 and launched his first product in May 2020 during MCO in Malaysia. Due to multiple issues, such as product fit and lockdown due to Covid-19, the socks business failed and only sold 5 pairs of socks in 3 months. He stopped the company and reconstructed the product and target market.


At the same time, our founder - Wayne, had some feet issues and needed an operation to make it good. He uses two months to recover. During the recovery, Doctor Siah (His operation Doctor) told him to purchase a good pair of socks to ensure his feet would not have any problems again.

He knows that in the market, minor brands sell features or socks that can solve customers’ particular issues—only fancy, branded, or few-dollar socks. There was the time that Wayne restarted the business and knew the exact direction that Jaesoul wanted to sail. 

Without the picky boy

Without the failure in 2020

Without the feet issue

This brand will not exist. The brand that understands the problems and then develops socks that solve customers’ problem, Jaesoul.

At Jaesoul, we are dedicated to redefining SOCKS.<br><br>Our mission is to elevate every step by prioritizing exceptional quality and innovative features, making unseen comfort an essential part of daily life.